Designing an End-to-End-Encrypted contact form with OpenPGP.js

E2EE Contact Form for a website

Published on 01 Sep 2021 • 13 minutes to read

An end-to-end-encrypted contact will allow communications to stay between a user and you. Email o...
A simple and effective guide to online privacy

A guide to online privacy

Published on 17 Jul 2021 • 5 minutes to read

Protecting our privacy online tends to be especially important nowadays, but arguing won't solve ...
A personal dashboard with bookmarks and search that works across browsers.

Crossbrowser personal dashboard

Published on 05 Jun 2021 • 1 minutes to read

A tutorial to setup a personal dashboard with bookmarks and search that works across browsers. No...
An interactive tutorial to implement a dark mode on any website.

Adding a dark mode to any website

Published on 02 Jun 2021 • 12 minutes to read

Adding a dark mode to a website is an excellent way to make it more visually appealing. It also m...
Understanding the importance of design with the help of dark patterns on the internet

Avoid using dark patterns!

Published on 27 May 2021 • 3 minutes to read

Dark patterns cause more harm than good! It not just the visuals that count but the whole experie...
How to self host a Privacy respecting analytics solution?

Self hosted & Privacy friendly analytics

Published on 04 May 2021 • 7 minutes to read

Big tech companies collect more and more data to keep their advertising business model running to...
Are we really made of stardust?

Are we really made of stardust?

Published on 25 Apr 2021 • 4 minutes to read

The calcium in your teeth, the iron in your blood, the oxygen you breathe was synthesized in a dy...
Home automation using Raspberry Pi, MQTT and Home Assistant

Raspberry Pi + Home Assistant

Published on 05 Apr 2021 • 14 minutes to read

A reliable solution for Home Automation with Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi and a remote access t...
Central concept of the movie TENET

Tenet movie explained

Published on 20 Mar 2021 • 7 minutes to read

Christopher Nolan and some others are trying make us perceive time as we don't know it. What is t...
Privacy protects us. How can we protect it?

Why is privacy important?

Published on 10 Jan 2021 • 10 minutes to read

Whatsapp updated its privacy policy and people, scared about their data, are now switching apps t...
You want to live a happy life, but you're unsure how to make that happen.

Why am I unhappy?

Published on 04 Dec 2020 • 3 minutes to read

In your mind, you have already made a script for your life. But does it match your core beliefs??...
Home automation setup using Node-Red and Heroku

DIY Home Automation

Published on 19 Nov 2020 • 4 minutes to read

Home, Office, Industrial Automation, and control using Node-Red, Heroku, MQTT, Raspberry Pi, othe...